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Blue Package

Content Modifications
Real Time Reporting
Spam Monitoring
Comment Responding
Daily Posting/Tweeting
Content Creation – 14/week
Custom Graphic Design
Dedicated Social Media Manager
Sites Included – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In, Instagram
Custom Tabs
Working with followers, endorsements, fans
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Why Social Media Marketing for Business?

Small Businesses going gaga over social media? You can’t blame them for using a Social Media Marketing Agency since they have its perks, and the following will tell you why.

Social Media Marketing is Low Cost

One of the main advantages of SMM over traditional media advertising and other digital marketing channels is the considerably lower cost that makes it very appealing for businesses. The most popular social media networks are practically free to join and all tools for interacting with other people are all available for free. However, to get more marketing mileage for your Social Media Marketing efforts, businesses are investing on a full SMM campaign strategy. These investments are ranging anywhere from $75-$200 hourly rates for SMM consulting to a $3000 to $20,000 a month full-press strategy that includes content generation, page/group setups, digital design, and SMM maintenance. The industry average for SMM is somewhere between $4,000 and $7,000 a month but this is still relatively a lot more cost effective than the 10.4% of revenues spent on marketing many companies spend on the average.

Social Media Marketing Caters to a Big Audience

One of the main advantages of a Social Media Marketing Agency has over traditional media marketing is that traditional marketing only caters to a fixed audience (eg. regular magazine readers; TV viewers) while a Social Media Marketing Agency has the potential of reaching out to a very big audience that is totally unlimited in scope and reach – from around the globe. This big audience is the main reason why 92% of digital marketers highlighted generating more exposure for their brands or business with their use of SMM. Social media marketing also caters to wide demographics regardless of sex, age, and social status. Right now, a big 89% of Internet users that are aged between 18 to 29 years old are actively participating in social media activities. That’s a big market if you are targeting your products or services at this age range. If you’re targeting the 65 and older market, you can reach up to 43% of them through social media marketing. On top of that, your SMM reach can go beyond your targeted demographic market. People’s friends, relatives and networks go beyond their own demographic, paving for you new channels for generating leads or sales – if people share your content to these networks.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency Team is fast

If you have something to promote or have some news or fresh information that you would like to share or inform to your target markets, you can rely on our Social Media Marketing Agency team for fast action and fast results. You can even synchronize your website with your social network channels, so automatic or fresh updates are immediately disseminated once you have something new available. This can be good for your business as two-thirds of adults online that use social media channels like blogs can have their purchasing decisions influenced by what they read in these blogs.

Social Media Marketing Generates Interaction

One of the problems many businesses have with traditional means of sales and marketing is maintaining a good, long-term relationship with their existing customers. The beauty of Social Media Marketing is that it is based and is powered by social interaction, which in the long run develops trust you and your audience. The more you nurture a regular interaction with your audiences, the more you’ll generate a better and longer term of relationship – that would spell profitable results for your business.

Social Media Marketing Nurtures Brand Loyalty

The more you have healthy interactions with your targeted audiences on social media that definitely boost your online reputation and in the process develop brand loyalty. A person-to-person and more interactive relationship with your targeted audiences means that you care for them, which in turns generates trusts – which in turn breed loyalty.

Social Media Marketing is good for Customer Service

Many customers spend time on social media channels and if they have something to say to a brand or a company, they would go through their social media page. They would voice out their praises, suggestions and complaints through these channels, providing you with a highly interactive and very personal means of providing good customer services by listening and responding to what they have to say.

Getting Started

Please leave your contact information in the contact box below. We contact you immediately. Or give us a call at 310-310-4397 to get the run down of our Social Media Marketing services. It will only take 5 minutes of your time and we’re not pushing.

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Social Media Marketing Agency June 8, 2016