A Better Way To WordPress With WordPress Maintenance Service

Unlimited small tasks, trouble shooting, WordPress core updates, plugin updates and installs and offsite backups – $99/month.
WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance Service includes:


  • Unlimited Small 30 Min Tasks
  • 24/hr. Turnaround
  • Site Security Check and Review
  • Timely WordPress Upgrades
  • Plugin and Theme Upgrades
  • Regular Offsite Backup
  • New Plugin Installations and Set Up
  • Cancel Anytime
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Let us concentrate on your site while you concentrate on your customers.

Getting Started

Please leave your contact information in the contact box below. We contact you immediately. Or give us a call at 310-310-4397 to get the run down of our PPC services. It will only take 5 minutes of your time and we’re not pushing.

Contact Information

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WordPress Maintenance Service June 3, 2016